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Covid-19 Safety Plan

Pool Facility 

  • There is a maximum of 35 people allowed in the pool facility at one time.
  • Front Desk will continually check to confirm the amount of people that are in the pool facility at one time.

24 Hour fitness Centre & 24-Hour Business Centre

  • The business and fitness facility are booked by appointment only
  • Each facility is cleaned by janitorial every time the guest has left.
  • Time slots are booked by the hour, if the facility isn ot pre booked the guest can request an extra hour.

Breakfast Bar

  • Staff needs to wash hands before starting shift and at least every 30 minutes or more during Breakfast service time.
  • A 40 Person cap for Breakfast room with extra staff to help ensure all health and safety guidelines are being followed. 
  • Breakfast service Utensils and Tongs changed regularly. 
  • We will start with disposable cutlery and plates moving gradually to offer both real China and paper as previously offered. 
  • No Guests showing any signs of Illness will be permitted or allowed in breakfast room. 
  • Staff to wear masks when working in Kitchen area and serving / changing food on breakfast line. 
  • Wash hands or change gloves every time a table is cleared. Tables and chairs need to be sanitized before allowing another guest or family to sit down.

Complimentary Shuttle

  • Due to Covid-19 and the safety of our employees we have temporarily stopped providing shuttles.
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