Covid-19 Safety Plan

Covid-19 Health and Safety Plan



Pool Facility

The pool, waterslide and hot tub area are now open with no reservation with a maximum of 25 people until further notice from the government. 


24 Hour fitness Centre & 24-Hour Business Centre

The business and fitness facility are booked by appointment only. Each facility is cleaned by janitorial every time the guest has left. Time slots are booked by the hour, if the facility is not pre booked the guest can request an extra hour.

Breakfast Bar

A maximum of 50 people will be permitted in the breakfast room.  Breakfast service Utensils and Tongs changed regularly.  No Guests showing any signs of Illness will be permitted or allowed in breakfast room. All Tables and chairs will be sanitized before allowing another guest or family to sit down. Staff needs to wash hands before starting shift and at least every 30 minutes or more during Breakfast service time.

Complimentary Shuttle

Due to Covid-19 and the safety of our employees we have temporarily stopped providing shuttles.